Tuesday, March 7, 2017


HEAVEN pass away, did I read right? And perhaps if it had come from another source, then it might be debatable as to whether that statement or prediction was to be worth listening to, but I'm pretty sure (correct me if I'm wrong) that Jesus is a valid source when it comes to the subject of Heaven. How can Heaven pass away? Where am I supposed to go when I die? Where will we say people have gone to, when we do funerals? Perhaps some don't really care; maybe the thought of them playing a harp on some celestial cloud, never quite appealed to them anyway (where people get this notion I don't know). Where will the people in Heaven go to when Heaven passes away? If there's not going to be a Heaven what is my hope, after I die? Okay, perhaps I have dragged this on a little to far, especially for those that already know where I'm going with this, but I am just trying to make a point...okay, maybe two points. The first point is how we can read over very serious statements in the bible and be completely oblivious to what we just read. I just asked an individual to read that verse before I wrote this blog. I asked him, "did you read anything odd or peculiar? He said, "no".  I asked him, "you don't' think Jesus saying, "there's not going to be a Heaven is peculiar and if that is the case, where will we go?"  He answered, "yes, that is odd and I don't know where we will go then....". My 2nd point is, for a species of creation that seems to talk so much about HEAVEN, we really are clueless about Heaven.  Every funeral speaks about Heaven, speaks about a better place, but better than what and what "constitutes better?" I wonder if there are some billionaires that might be really curious for us to present to them our definition of "better".  Is sitting on a cloud playing a Harp better? Is going without my fine Cognac and Cuban cigars your definition of better? Is your definition of better, going to beat my mansion on a private island in Fiji? It's sad that most people don't have a clue of what Heaven is; except it's the default option if you don't want Hell, but some, given the choice, would choose earth, as their eternal abode. People are very misguided on eternity, which is sad, considering how much of our lives will be spent there. Make fun of Heaven if you want, draw funny cartoons of some Angel on a cloud playing a Harp, asking "and how many more billion years....?" However, all we do is show are true ignorance when we do so. Because Heavan is not our eternal abode, Heaven will not last for eternity, it will pass away. All Heaven is, is a temporary housing until the end of the dispensation of The Church has come, the end of Grace and the time of the Gentiles, in plain English, it's over, the rapture has come, the tribulation has passed, the millennium has come and gone and Jesus comes and conquers once and for all. Then HEAVEN passes away and the New Earth and The New Jerusalem comes down, out of HEAVEN (before it's destroyed) and that is where we spend eternity, not on cloud. So for those that were choosing earth, you weren't so far off. So for those that thought their private island in Fiji, was quite Heavenly, you weren't so far off.  So what is the "true Christian's hope? That we will live for eternity, with Jesus, in all that is pure and all that is good, in a new and even better, revamped earth, with all of the universe thrown in. That sounds pretty good to me, that sounds a whole lot better than "well, I guess it's better than Hell", no it's a whole lot better than Hell and 1000x1000 times better than the current earth. There will be banquets and feasts, no more tears, sorrow or suffering. It will be with people you love, no enemies, no evil, no murder, no hate, it will be the best and most euphoric day/experience you ever had on earth, x 1000 and more. It will be the place you don't deserve, but in the midst of the City, will be Jesus, with his nail pierced hands and his nail pierced feet, to remind you, why you are there.