Monday, March 6, 2017


“If any of the people, either men or women, take the special vow of a Nazarite, setting themselves apart to the lord in a special way..." I've always been intrigued by this scripture, God almost seems cavalier about this.  Again, "if there's any.......who want to set themselves apart to the Lord in a special way..." wouldn't all Christians want to do that? Imagine someone speaking up and saying, "no, not me, I don't want to set myself apart for the Lord in a special way, I just want to coast, I just want to do the bare minimum". I am amazed at God's understanding with his people that some "do want to" and others simply "do not want to".  I get frustrated, I get angry, I want to bully people into "setting themselves up for the Lord in a special way" I want to condemn them, I want to make them feel guilty" God simply takes it in stride. Is it what He recommends...we know the answer to that is "no", The Bible itself speaks loudly on this, "when you will search for me with all your heart, mind & strength, then you will find me".  However, God gives man a "free will" to serve him. Paul describes in Corinthians as "some entering in but as one barely escaping through the flames of the fire".  But I can't help ask that question again, "who wouldn't want to set themselves apart for the Lord in a special way? It could very well be someone reading this?! And to make matters worse, often those that do want to set themselves apart for The Lord in a special way, are sometimes mocked, in the church by other men and women. Somehow old attitudes die hard, the same group that mocked the good student in high school "teacher's pet"  now mocks the good Christian in church, "Pastor's Pet" or "Mr. Holier than thou" No he/she doesn't think they are "holier than thou" they just want to set themselves apart in a special way. And if that means no wine, no this or no that, than they are willing to forego these things. If they don't want to engage in carnality, because they want to be closer to God, should they be mocked for that? It's a rhetorical question, because we know often these Christians are mocked. Question to ask, is "are you a Nazarite?"  Would you consider yourself a Nazirite? And if not, then why? We have but one life to live for God, death will come quicker than we think and once we enter eternity we cannot labor anymore, we cannot reach another soul, help another weak Christian or be used in our places of ministry and/or service on earth, why would any Christian NOT WANT to set themselves apart for God in a special way, that's a question, an issue I do not understand, how about you?