Thursday, March 9, 2017


One of my most annoying sayings is "he puts his pants on in the morning same way I do!". This is implying that we're all on the same level here buddy. We know that no man should claim to be better than another man, but that is different than saying "we're all on the same level".  Twice in our story today God makes a clear point, "we are not all equal".  God tells Moses take these 70 men and I will put the Spirit that is upon you and place it on them. In others, Moses had something they had not. This is an undeniable truth in God's Kingdom that we are not all function on the same level. When the Seven Sons of Sceva  try casting out Demons, the Demons say, "Jesus we know and Paul we know, but who are you!?" And the demons start beat these men to a pulp.And later on in our text when Miriam and Aaron decide to grumble and gossip about Moses, once again God makes his point clear, "with Moses I speak face to face who were you to think you could talk against him like this". Miriam is immediately struck with leprosy and who is it that needs to pray for Miriam, to be healed, "Moses" the very one that they were saying "he's no better than us, who does he think he is". Well that question was answered for them, wasn't it!! It's a lesson for all of us to learn, not just Miriam and Aaron, the fact is, that in life some men, some women have a Grace and Anointing upon their lives that exceeds anything we have and we, that are wise, will respect and honor that. Perhaps the wise man, is the man who like Elisha, instead of envying & criticizing, acknowledges, this man has something I don't have, "oh Lord, give me a double portion!"