Monday, May 1, 2017


“Israel has been living here for 300 years, inhabiting Heshbon and its surrounding settlements, all the way to Aroer and its settlements, and in all the towns along the Arnon River. Why have you made no effort to recover it before now?"  Jephthah has more diplomacy and knowledge of Israel's history than any Secretary of State or Ambassador the United States has ever sent to the middle east. Jephthah reasons with them, gives them the facts, the history and after all is said and done, PEACE....oh sorry, wrong....not peace, but war.  "But the king of Ammon paid no attention to Jephthah’s message."  When will there be peace in the Middle East between the Arab Nations and the Israelites?  Never!  God already spoke that the house of Esau will always be at war with the house of Jacob (Israel). Foolish and/or ignorant or both, leaders from the United States have tried to coax Israel into giving pieces of their land over to Palestine, for peace and harmony. This is what happens when you get unspiritual men and ignorant to God's Word, trying to negotiate matters in the Middle East they have no true understanding of. Jephthah clearly states that it is God who gave them that land and they have owned it for 300 years, why are they fighting to take it from them and why in the world would they (Israel) give it up? Are you becoming anti-Semitic with all the anti-Semitic propaganda that is being funneled through the media?  Maybe you are at a point whey you are saying, "for crying out loud Israel, don't be so stubborn, just give up some land for peace!"  Well, you are being influenced by the media that does not have a pro Christian, pro-Israel agenda, as a matter of a fact, their agenda is the complete opposite. First of all, the land belongs to Israel, secondly, giving up a portion (which they already have) will not bring peace. Palestine wants it all and even if they did get it all, their next agenda would be to drive Israel away from wherever they would remain. Until Israel ceases to be a Nation again, the Arab Nations will have no peace.  If only Jephthah knew, that the Arab Nations would still be at war over that land 2017 years later and that Israel would still be fighting for and defending that land, Jephthah would have been flabbergasted, but here we are today, a couple of thousand years later, still war in the middle east and only the spiritually ignorant & prideful man can think that  some American diplomat can waltz into the middle east and get these two nations to make peace! Only the Anti-Christ will ever have the power to do that & even he, will break that treaty half way through and declare war on Israel and all God's people.