Monday, May 22, 2017


 The Voice was for you! “the wow effect” is normally for the crowd that you don’t want to be identified with. Jesus is quick to tell them, “the whole voice thing, that was for you…not for me”.  We would say, “You mean that’s not the way it normally is? God’s not always talking to you in an audible voice?”  Jesus’ answer would be, “no, that’s Hollywood”. There is no greater paradox than God himself, his workings and his dealings with humanity. Although there is no more Supernatural Being or experience in the Universe, God’s dealing with us, from the outside looking in, may seem unimpressive to the unsuspecting eye. We listen for “the audible voice”, we look for the “paranormal” but we get nothing. This is what attracts many people into the occult, is the “paranormal”, to them a spiritual experience must include “voices”, “objects moving”. In other words, “if you’re a supernatural being, if you’re not just like us, prove it!” With this in mind, now let’s look at this verse again, Then Jesus told them, “The voice was for your benefit, not mine”.   Jesus would say, “you like the voice thing/effect didn't you! I knew you would! I personally don’t need it, but if it excites you, if it makes your day, if it let’s you know this thing is real (even though you have a hundred other reasons too) if it helps you “to believe’ well, there it is, that was for you!”  The greatest illustration and example to us about God is found in the book of Esther. Although God is Supernaturally working through out that whole story, He is nowhere to be seen, at least not if your listening for an audible voice or looking for paranormal activity. I know way to many people, listening for a voice when they pray, looking for God to give them “a sign”.  What’s ironic, is true spirituality, often consists of none of the above. People who are “truly spiritual” have a natural relationship with God that is as natural as their breathing. It’s not forced.

Whoever thinks all day long, “I must breathe, I must breathe” we only think like that when there is a “breathing problem”, but when things are right, it’s natural. So how did God, the Father speak to Jesus? The same way He speaks to those today who are truly spiritual, He speaks to us not in an audible voice, but speaks to us internally and yet His voice comes through loud and clear, as if it were audible. The only voice these people could here from God was an Audible Voice, because only people with a relationship with God, with the Holy Spirit, can hear from God from the inside, “For in Him and through Him, we have our being”.