Monday, May 1, 2017


This is one of my least favorite stories in the Bible, especially having a daughter myself.  Jephthah's irrational promise to God is going to take his daughter's life.  This just goes to prove, that even the best of us have the propensity to be serious "flakes" at times.  Here is a man whom "the Spirit of the Lord" is upon. Here is a man whom God is using, a man who goes out and accomplishes a great conquest for God and for Israel, but when he comes home, Jephthah must deal with a very ugly situation, that has stemmed from his, and his only's, incredible, stupid and irrational promise he has made to God.  As if he had to make this promise to God in order to gain this victory. This is a horrible story about a poor young girl, who's life is going to be cut short because of a Father who is just "a flake".  The lives of many children have been subjected to "the whims" of flaky parents and I'm talking about Christian parents.  Our text today reveals to us, that we can be men and women that God is moving through, but yet still be making some horrible decisions and at times, making irrational promises to God, that our going to effect our spouses and our children in a very negative way. The problem with this, is often God takes the blame and the parties that are effected by these flaky people are the ones that get bitter and angry towards God.  We must make sure to take note, that God has nothing to do with this irrational promise that Jephthah makes, unfortunately, in life, we often don't have the benefit of reading a story, looking at a situation, from the outside in, to realize, God is not to blame. How many children are out there today, turned away from God, because of irrational promises and decisions their parent(s) made in a moment of hype, fear or excitement? Are you a flake?  Of course your answer is emphatically "no". However, it would be wise to realize, that each and every one of us, has the propensity to be "a flake" when we are not on our guard. Some good advice I once received from an older, seasoned, Pastor was, "don't let your highs get to high and don't let your lows get to low", that was good advice! Why? Because it is in those times, when we are "super high" and/or "super low" that we make decisions, in the heat of the moment, that we will live to regret, further down the road. Remember God's word, "better not to make a vow to God, then to make a vow and break it". God doesn't need us to make vows to him to try and influence him to do what we want. Don't ever try to get God to do something for you by making a vow to him, this is a sign, that you are somewhat "flaky" and if you continue in that habit, one day, you will live to regret it, just ask Jephthah. The saddest part of this story is that God was going to bring that victory regardless of Jephthah's irrational vow, Jephthah, lost his daughter for nothing!