Saturday, May 13, 2017


     This is amazing….or maybe not so amazing.  These men are making critical decisions about Jesus (their Savior) based on wrong assumptions and un-researched heresy.  Had they cared to do their research, had they cared to “seek the truth” they would have found out that Jesus was not from Galilee, he was actually from Bethlehem.  Verse 41, “Still others asked, “how can the Christ come from Galilee? Does not the Scripture say that the Christ will come from David’s family and from Bethlehem”. Are you kidding me?!!!  Jesus is of the line of David, Jesus is from Bethlehem, He is everything they’re looking for but they are making serious judgments against Jesus based off of information they have heard, but have not researched for themselves! Jesus is just standing there listening to these men, you think He would have cried out, “hey, I am from the line of David and I wasn't born in Galilee, I was just raised there, I’m from Bethlehem!” Jesus messed up here, had He simply spoken up and explained to them they would have believed in him. So why didn't Jesus speak up? Because it would not have made a difference; otherwise, obviously He would have spoken up. Isn't this why Jesus came, “to seek and save the lost”.  The bible speaks about “not casting your pearls to the swine”, in other words, don’t bother pouring your heart out and waste countless hours trying to explain Jesus to those that don’t really care what the truth is, no matter how brilliantly you explain things.  This group “chose” to believe lies and rumors rather than seek the truth.  They weren't interested in the truth at all. We think if we just explain, that’s all they need and that’s why they’re not believing; only to find out after all our effort, exposing lies, making truth clear, people walk away after all that and say…. ‘aghhhh, I still don’t believe”. We just want to strangle them, after all that, you told me you couldn't believe because of this question and I have completely answered that question and now you say you still don’t believe” and we walk away frustrated.  Jesus was not going to allow these men to frustrate Him, He knew better than that; the issue was not really that they had misinformation about Him.  The issue was not that they had bad information, the issue is that they had bad hearts and were not interested in the truth.  We should pour our hearts out to those that are earnestly seeking the truth, but we should not give the time of day to those that are totally closed and are not seriously wanting to know the truth and it is up to us, through our relationship with the Holy Spirit, to be able to discern between the two.  Many today chose to believe lies about Jesus for the simple reason that it so convenient for them to believe lies, rather than seek the truth, because then they would have to repent. So they hide behind, “I just don’t know”, “I’m so confused”, some people say Jesus never rose from the dead, some people say…” they will list all the lies and rumors but will not make the slightest effort to find the truth; and those that do make they effort and are open will find the truth and will be saved.   A perfect example of this is outlined in an excellent book that was written by a devout atheist who “earnestly” set out to find the truth; and at the end of it all he was converted. His name is Lee Strobal and he wrote “The Case for Christ”.