Sunday, May 7, 2017


     There are certain people that you meet that you just know will not remain in the lowly state where they are, at least not for much longer. Have you met them? It could be a server in a Restaurant, it could be a servant in your church, it could be a new employee, whomever and wherever is irrelevant, the point is, YOU KNOW they will not remain in that state. God is going to raise them up, it is inevitable and it is just a matter of time. As low as Ruth is (and she is low/rock bottom) you know upon meeting her that she will not remain there long.  Boaz is not in the position he is in either by luck or fortune, Boaz is also in the position of authority and prosperity because of who he is. I have met these people and so have you, there is an undeniable Grace upon their lives (that we almost envy) that you would have to be blind to miss.  Ruth no matter how lowly a place she has come to will not remain there. Her meeting with Boaz, her willingness to go out and labor in the heat for her mother in law, her modesty and humility is all going to sweep her to a higher level. This attitude, this disposition cannot be faked!  You either have it or you don't.  I have seen people and lowly places and not scene any signs that they are on their way up, while I have seen others in lowly places that I couldn't help but walk away, smiling inside, knowing that they were going to quickly rise up out of that lowly state.  What is there to say about Ruth & Boaz that is bad? These are the people we love to hate, but God loves to love.  Where do people like Ruth and Boaz come from? Are they just naturally prone to be the way the are? Is it something they worked at? Do they have their own demons that they must conquer and put down to be the people they are or does it just come naturally to them? Why are some folks just awful Christians and others such wonderful Christians? Why are some Christians the type you can't be around enough and other Christians are the type you can't stand to be around?  What separates the Ruth & Boaz's from "the others"?  These are amazing, righteous and Godly individuals that God divinely brings together to make an amazing couple!  THE POINT, being low or lowly in life is not the end all. God is not concerned with where you start in life or where you currently are right now. You could be in the most lowly of places and be on top by this time next year. It all depends on who you are? Are you a Ruth, a Boaz, they be sure God will quickly elevate you. Often I wonder why people are kept low for so long and it always comes back to me one way or another of the true character (behind the scenes) of that individual that I have been pitying. We must always trust in the Goodness of God and realize that people are often where they are at for a reason. Boaz is where he is at because he is a good righteous man. He is not faking it, he is not jockeying for position or a man pleaser, he simply is a good, honest and righteous man of God. And it is not surprise that he is where he is at. And it is not surprise that Ruth eventually finds herself on top and over all those that once looked down at her and on top of those she once served.  My answer to my question is I believe these two individuals worked at their character. I do not believe that they were just naturally predisposed towards being such righteous and Godly people, it would be unscriptual. Not much is written of their private lives with God, but you must know that there was a very grand private life behind the scenes. For what is done in private will be revealed in the open, for good or for bad. I believe even Ruth and Boaz had to fight their flesh, fight temptation, laziness, lust and every other temptation of humanity just as much as we do.  You don't have to manipulate your way to the top or prosperity, all you have to do is genuinely love God and have a Christian life that is just as righteous in "private life" as it is in "public life" and God will exalt you in due season. The longer I serve God the more it is coming to my attention that people I once thought were Godly woman and men of God are actually living like devils behind the scenes. They are ill tempered, verbal abusers, gossipers, immoral, unclean and the list goes on. Their private life has never matched up with their public life.  Some of them are now divorced, some have fallen into perversion, some are backslidden and some are still in the church. Just know this....LUCK, CHANCE & GOOD FORTUNE have nothing to do with where we find ourselves in life, it has to do with our private life and who we really are on the inside and who and what God sees when he looks inside our hearts. Does he see a Ruth, does he see a Boaz? if he does, then God will exalt you in due season, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he will, just keep doing right and being right!