Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Well we read about dagon favoritism today; I thought God was above all that, after all, isn't He perfect? Well, God is perfect and not only is He not against favoritism, but he is the author of it since He is the author of all, He's the Alpha & The Omega.  We read in Verse 14. "David continued to succeed in everything he did, for the Lord was with him. When Saul recognized this, he became more afraid".  I don't think there is too many reading this today that would disagree of the favor that God had towards David as opposed to Saul. Should the student who talks back, doesn't listen, doesn't care, throws spitballs at the teacher have the same favor as the student who listens, is interested, respects the teacher, sometimes helps the teacher? Most protesters of "favoritism" are most often those that have always found themselves on the wrong side of favoritism. This is really the issue. When we protest, it's because it affects us, if it doesn't affect us in life, rarely do we give a care. If raising taxes doesn't affect us, we could care less if it's someone else being over taxed. Now when "we" ourselves find ourselves being overtaxed, because we moved up into a different tax bracket, we will raise all hell, because of high taxes. The point is, those that cry out against favoritism are those who are being affected by it and obviously are on the wrong side. Never do they probe deep & ask themselves, "why am I on the wrong side?" And of course, if it's not affecting us, we like to put our nose in other people's business and judge why favoritism is being given towards this person as opposed to our friend, or our choice or our favorite and wars begin. The person from the outside looking in, has no idea that Saul is throwing javelins at David. The person from the outside looking in has no idea of the jealousy that fuels inside of Saul, the vengeance and the anger.  Unjust favoritism isn't good, but "unjust" anything in life isn't good.  However, true & warranted/just favoritism is good and God shows us today and many other times, through out the year, as we read, that He is a God who is not shy to dispense favor on those whom He pleases. We read about Samuel "who grew in favor and stature with both God and man". Those monkey's, Eli's boys certainly do not have God's favor, but Samuel sure does and I'm glad. If I am on the wrong side of favoritism; instead of getting mad and jealous, why not look introspectively and ask, "why am I on the wrong side". If you are honest with yourself, you will see why. If you are not honest with yourself, you will only get that much more infuriated. You will cry out "injustice, injustice" and begin to throw your own javelins.