Sunday, May 7, 2017


Such a valuable lesson, I think we can all learn from today's reading. We know that Hannah had prayed for children many times before. We know that this has been a long standing issue with her. It's been a thorn in her side for many years and no doubt she has cried and prayed about this before. But today, for one reason or another is the day that God is going to answer her cry and prayer. Why not last year? Why not last month? We don't know, the answer "no" or perhaps the being what seems to be "ignored" by God, on this day, is over. On this day, God answers her prayer and her life will never be the same. I wonder how many of us were on the verge of getting that prayer answered and then we  gave up. We give up, never to see come to fruition what we had prayed for, forever wondering why God never answered our prayer, our cry, our need only to find out, perhaps in eternity, that had we prevailed, persisted, just a little longer, victory could have been ours.  What a testimony this was to Eli, as Hannah walks in a year later with her child and first thing she says, "remember me, remember me crying and praying and you accused me of being drunk, well here is the answer to that prayer, what do you think of my drunken prayers now!"  And it is not just Samuel that is born, this is the catalyst of break through for Hannah; and she has 5 other children. If you're tired and getting ready to quit, give up and stop praying, I do advise, Hannah advises you, that you might just want to keep on praying and crying out, your answer may be, just around the corner.