Tuesday, May 2, 2017


     I have a harder time believing this story than I do the story of Jonah, 3 days in the belly of the whale. Is this story really true? If you take your time and read it and try to digest (mentally) this story, it seems unbelievable that Samson would give Delilah the secret of his strength after 3 collaborated murder attempts by this woman. However, I am going to stand on God's Word that every story in the bible is true unless said or written otherwise. I can say, that I have noticed that people who play church and play with God's word often do become very mentally unstable. I have seen people do much better who just make a decision that they don't want to serve God rather than live a life of duplicity.  I believe that God gives these kind people over to a reprobate and warped mind.  A sure way to lose your mind is to sit in a Full Gospel Church every Sunday, nod your head, say "Amen" and then live a life that contradicts everything you know. A sure way to lose your mind is to talk the talk but not walk the walk. A sure way to lose your mind is to quote scripture and live immorally.  Samson never makes a decision to just be a heathen. He prays to God one day and goes in to sleep with a prostitute the next. He prays to God one day and gets drunk and holds a wild party the next. He does not want to totally reject God but he also does not want to totally surrender to God either.  The best thing Joshua ever did was challenge his people, "chose you this day whom you want to serve".  Jesus also did the same.  The most miserable people in the earth are those with one foot in the church and one foot in the World.  This is why Jesus said he will spit those out that are neither hot nor cold. If you're going to be a Christian, than be one, if you're going to be a sinner, that be one, but don't try to do both and profane God's name. Don't try to quote scripture when you're not living right. Don't go to church and pretend to be a Christian when you are corrupt and unclean.  It is important for us to know that Samson is not an isolated incident of a man who lost his mind playing games with God. I can give you names and testimonies of many that have lost their minds playing games with God.  Samson is a man who never bridled/harnessed his flesh.  He was a man who knew God in every way, he was not an atheist by any means. Samson fully believed in God, in his goodness and in God's power. Samson's issue was not unbelief or questions about God, Samson's issue was he refused to reign in his flesh. Samson refused to walk away from God and just be a heathen. He wanted to be able to have the benefits of knowing God, yet live like a pagan and the end result is Samson became Dumber and Dumber to the point of his own death.  You will die a miserable death just like Samson if you are living this kind of life.  If you want the world then go for it, throw yourself into it and eat it all up for what it's worth.  History and the past few decades is filled with testimonies of men who prayed with God one day and found themselves in the bed of a harlot the next and then showed up to church on Sunday,ie Ted Haggard...how could a man be doing drugs & sleeping with a male prostitute one day; and put himself behind the pulpit of a  nationally syndicated program and not believe he would be caught? It's to hard to believe, isn't it, just a hard to believe as Samson's story, but they are both true! The same way Samson somehow believed he would not be caught.....if you play this game with God, He will give you over to a depraved and warped mind.  All your sense and reasoning will be lost and eventually the pillars will come crashing down on you.