Monday, May 15, 2017


“You will die in your sins” I have heard that mentioned in many altar calls and one on one witnessing but never quite heard it from Jesus, even though I've read over this passage, many times. I looked it up in the King James Translation and there too, it is written, “you will die in your sins”. Dieing in your sins….as apposed to……dieing outside of your sin? We understand what Jesus means, but do they? Do the people we work with, live with and go to school with? “To die in your sin”, is not a verse of forgiveness. First thing we would say to explain Jesus’ phrase here is, “well basically it means that if you die unforgiven, you will not make Heaven your home”.  Sorry, not the right interpretation! This verse has nothing to do with forgiveness, it has to do exactly with what is mentioned, ‘in sin” as apposed to “out of sin”.  “If you die in your sin”.
One of the most popular message Christians preach is God forgiveness, but an equally important message is that God has come to get you “out of your sin”. If you were to ask my father if he felt forgiven, his religion would have taught him to easily respond, “yes” but yet he still died an alcoholic, with 3 ravaged marriages and children all over the State of California.  Many people claim forgiveness, many people claim God’s Grace, but yet are still in their sin. Make no mistake, it is easier for the drunk to believe that God forgives him, than to believe that God can deliver him. Alcoholics Anonymous is filled with “so called” Christians that believe they are forgiven by God, who believe in a “Higher Power” while at the same time believing they are still alcoholics. They can believe God to forgive him, because that’s easy, how can we put a finger on that? Fogiven….I guess I am? It’s very subjective, but deliverance is not subjective, it’s objective, you either “is” or you “aint” you either are in your sin or out of your sin!

Well how do I get out of my sin? Jesus has the answer for that in the text, “believe in Him”.  See this is true belief! The Bible declares that many in the last days will acknowledge God but deny Him His power. Well, you can’t have both. You can’t believe in God and then deny Him His power. You can’t believe God to forgive you, but not believe in God to be able to set you free.  Thence, this verse today is about dieing in our sin. Well, I may die immoral, I may die a drunk, I may die bound in pornography, but at least I’m forgiven, ie: I am going to Heaven. If you believe this you are deluded in your thinking. Forgiveness and deliverance go hand in hand. Jesus comes to bring deliverance and forgiveness together. Because if there is no deliverance, there can be no forgiveness because how can there be forgiveness if you keep repeating the sin? That’s why Jesus offers forgiveness and deliverance. God would not call us “to repent” if He was not able to offer us the deliverance. The call to repent would merely be a cruel tease to humanity. However, this is not the case. Many people have peace about their sin because of the doctrine of God’s Grace & Forgiveness, but yet, if we die in our sin, we are eternally loss. So today, let’s not asks ourselves, “am I forgiven” let’s ask ourselves “am I in my sin” and the answer to that, will answer the other question, “do you believe in Him who was sent by The Father?” You do? Then why are you still in your sin and why is Jesus telling these men that they are going to die in their sin?