Sunday, May 28, 2017


 Coincidence or not, you tell me; that the day after we finish reading about David’s transgression with Bathsheba, do we read about David’s son’s transgression with Tamar. David Looked upon Bathsheba with raging lust and had to have her.  David inquiries to find out who she is and when he is told it is Uriah’s wife, one of his soldiers, he still persists to sleep with her. Bathsheba was married and not only married, but married to one of his soldiers that was fighting in a war, that David should have been fighting. While David’s soldier is risking his life on the battle field, David is at home having sex with his wife. This is the stuff movies are made up of, but yet this is true life. Why did David do this? According to David, “he could not resist her”, she was too beautiful. Fast forward a few years down the road and we have Amnon, saying those same words about his half sister Tamar, who apparently, was strikingly beautiful, as was Bathsheba. Amnon cannot deprive himself from her, thought he has many reasons he should deprive himself of her, just like his father had many reasons of depriving himself of Bathsheba, but like his Father David, Amnon has to have her.  And you will notice that although the Bible says that David was angry, David never deals with his son about his wanton lust, after all, what is he to say to his son that his son won’t immediately lash back out as his father, “you hypocrite, you committed adultery, murdered a man and then took his wife and you are going to sit here and lecture me on my wanton lusts?” This is not something David wants to deal with and so he doesn’t. David lets the transgression go unpunished and many are not happy with that, first and foremost, Tamar’s brother, Absalom. Absalom eventually takes matters into his own hands, since David will not judge rightly, and Absalom plans and ambush for Amnon and strikes him down dead. Did David have any forethought to any of this before committing this great sin with Bathsheba, ….the answer is NO.  However, we should know better, we who study the Bible and now have God’s Word to study; we have plenty of warning and wisdom that can guide us through life and save us from royally messing up not only our lives but the lives of our children and our children’s children. Your sins, your wanton lusts, your fleshly appetites, your hypocrisy, “we know now” will effect your life and the lives of your descendants and if you will not hold back for your own sake, then next time you are tempted, think twice, think about the effect your sins will have upon your children and may that stop you if nothing else does.