Tuesday, May 9, 2017


You would think that in the first instance where they put the Ark of God in the house of Dagon and twice found the "Supposed" god Dagon, fallen of his face and broken up that they would have realized that their god was nothing more than an idol, but the God of Israel was the true and the living God, but these people are dagon stupid! (punn intended). They can't put 1+1 together to equal 2. Or maybe they're not stupid and they just don't care. Quite often we give people the benefit of thinking "they care" about the truth, about what's wrong and what's right and if we could only prove to them, somehow show them then they would believe, repent and come to church with you and be forever more, your new Christian BFFL. In our text is all the evidence we would ever pray or want for our friends or relatives to see, but yet in our text we do not read about one person converting over to the God of Israel all we read about is the people not wanting him around. Isn't this what happened to Jesus. They wanted miracles He gave them miracles. They wanted healing, He gave them healing, in the end, when He had showed them all the proof they would ever need, first they sent Him away and when He came back, they crucified Him. No doubt there are a few truth seekers out there, there are some that if they were to hear, know and perceive the Truth, they would turn and you are probably one of those. However, you cannot assume that just because your ignorance kept you in the dark, that that is the case for all. You cannot give everyone the benefit of assuming they sin because "they just don't know" and you would pray "oh Lord, if you would just show yourself real to them they would turn" well He has, many times, even before you came to know them, He had and yet they still have not turned, they would rather send him away. In our story today, we learn # 1. That people can be dagon (pun intended) stupid, in the midst of great miracles, still not get it and # 2. We learn that some folks simply don't care about what's true and what's false, they are perfectly content with their sin and their false religion and you could show them all the proof in the world and they would not change.