Monday, May 1, 2017


Perhaps I'm in a melancholy kind of mood today, but it is interesting how often "jubilant news" can precede hard times ahead. Can you imagine how thrilled Manoah and his wife were that she, who was barren, was actually going to give birth; and not only give birth, but this boy was going to be special. This is a very exciting time for this couple, but you and I know, that Samson is going to be a disappointment, you and I know that Samson is going to break the heart of his parents with his life; and horrible decisions he makes. For all the joy and excitement they are experiencing now, the very same news that brought them joy, will bring them misery. One man once gave me advice I thought was pretty good, "don't let your highs get to high and don't let your lows get to low". I'm not advocating going through life with a stoic mentality. God gave us feelings to feel. We are emotional creatures and who wants to be around someone that has no emotions because they don't ever want to be let down. However, we also have to be mindful, that no matter how clear and obvious some things seem, the future is always uncertain and that can work both ways too.  That's why the best life lived is the life that is rested in God's hands. Good news today, can be bad news down the road and bad news today can be great news next week. The future is always uncertain, but God is never uncertain, He is always reliable, trustworthy and there to help us process life. Good news today, bad news tomorrow, if we allow "news & events" to dictate to us our joy, we will live a roller coaster ride of emotions in life. Let our joy and peace come from God, then we don't rely on good news to bring us up, but even better, we don't allow bad news to bring us down! We become consistent in our joy, in our moods even in the midst of precarious times, we can maintain a constant joy and peace, from the Prince of Peace. And to that, all God's people said.....AMEN!