Thursday, May 11, 2017


We do our best to live for God, live peaceful lives and experience Joy, however, often infiltrating that is countless hours of drama on the phone or in person or at the coffee shop listening to the tales and drama of those that simply don't want to do right. And let me tell you, it's drama!  "The cops were at our house last night, my son got put on probation, we had are car repo'd, we can't pay our rent, my 3rd grader cussed at his teacher and my husband is drinking again..." everything is doom & gloom, everything is dire circumstances, everything is negative and we leave that coffee shop, hang up that phone feeling quite drained and quite depressed ourselves. As a Christian we feel that it is our duty to continue to be friends with this person. As a Christian we feel it is our duty to be there for them every time they want to call and puke all their drama on us.  As a Christian we feel it is our duty to meet with them every time they want to spew their drama and how rough life is for them, but is it our duty? And if so, to what extent, where do we draw the line? Is this someone that is faithfully serving God in your church and is simply going through trials or is it someone who comes to church every blue moon and even then does not abide but anything that is preached or by anything in the Word of God.  The bible clearly tells us today that "the fool suffers for their transgressions".  This is their lot, this is their portion, this is the fruit, bad fruit, they are reaping, from the bad seeds they have sown. They're fools. And because they're fools their life is filled with drama and misery.  What's the sense in you living for God, you doing right, you honoring God and following His word if you are going to allow yourself to be sucked into the drama and misery of those that don't want to?! I know many Christians that walked around continuously bummed out and defeated.  Why?  Well, it's not because of their own lives, but it's their daughter, their son, their brother, their friend, some relative that continuously drags them into their drama, gets them right in the middle of all the dissension, drama and sometimes violence....and they feel, because they are "the Christian" they should be there. I challenge that mind set, that guilt complex today. There is a big difference between being there for those that are trying, as opposed to those that the bible calls, "fools". This is their lot and you cannot change it until they decide to change it, but I would advise, you stay clear of their wars and drama or your joy and peace will be robbed from you and from those that are part of your life and it will not be because of you, but because of "the fool" you continuously feel like you have to be there for, even though they have no desire to change. The fool will suffer, why suffer with them? Cause I'm a Christian? Wrong answer!